Hi! My name is Alec Ross, and I am the founder of Bittap Financial. Like many of you already reading, I have been fascinated by crypto currencies, blockchain, and many other technologies revolving around the financial tech sector over the last 10 years since Bitcoins introduction. I have been building and tinkering with computers since the early 2000's. There is much to be said of everything I have learned with computers but I only want to introduce my self here and share a part of my history with computers and mining.


I began mining in early 2017. Massive growth at the time and a broken foot prompted me to look even further since I had so much time on my hands. After building my first rig with mostly gifted money and hardware, I began sharing these on social media and gathering attention. I had a few enthusiasts reach out to me to have me build them servers to mine with. In 2018 after joining forces to design and build a farm for a startup called Coin Forge, a couple more people from around the states grew interested in purchasing a miner for themselves as they saw much of my professional work. 

Now, August 2019, after a long bear market and an ever changing business landscape, it's on to new projects. I have taken it upon myself to restart what I had begun in 2017. Bringing passion and quality builds into the space, as well as helping others to join the revolution. It would be a shame to not share my knowledge and drive in the mining sector.


So here is Bittap Financial. At Bittap Financial, I will build you any custom miner you like. Common miners I build are found on my miners page. I will also gladly host any miner for you in my secured mining facility, weather it is GPU or ASIC, for a flat rate which includes a built in fee. I will consult with you on an individual basis as needed for 2 hours free, and provide you with as many answers as possible to all of your questions. 


Blockchains and crypto currencies truly are the revolution of the 21st century. I am at your disposal to help give you the best experience possible when it comes to hosting your miners. Come join Bittap Financial and make things easier. Allow me to give you an efficient and cost effective way to enter mining, and be a part of a growing company and industry!


Alec Ross

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